Chemistry Olympiad Link

The Chemistry Olympiad gives exams that are similar in structure and content to our final.  You might like this link that gives old tests and keys to help prepare you for the final.

Link Me!!


Study Session Tonight is On

Come to Science Hall tonight if you want to ask questions.  I am not preparing anything, but I will answer questions.  I hope to get there about 6:30.  It’s possible I’ll be late, but not very.  Please wait if I’m not there.

Practice for exam 4

9 tough practice problems.  When you finish them, consider how I could ask a similar problem by giving different information, or what I could ask you to interpret about the answers.  If you can do that, then you are ready!  Key later.

Try Me!!

Don’t forget that old material is fair game on the exam and that 6-12 pts are routinely from old exams and old material.

Lab Next Week (there is one)

Next weeks lab is a short one and concerns salts in water…hint.  Also, you will fill out evaluations for the class, so please go to lab.

The evaluations pertain to class and not lab.  There may be a series of questions about lab, too, but the main questions are about the class experience.  Keep that in mind.

Also, evaluations are not about your grade, but are about the way the class is constructed and taught.  That is, a person can do poorly and still have liked the way the course was designed/presented.  Or, a person can do great and absolutely hate the way the course was done.  So, leave the grade at the door and think about what you like about the teaching (or lack there of).

So, I’m looking for constructive criticism and positive reviews of the items you thought didn’t or did work, respectively.  So, what did you like?  What didn’t work for you?  And why?  Finally, if you have any ideas about making the class more interesting, then let those be known.  Most of the best changes I’ve made from semester to semester have been because of student suggestions.